Life Notes – Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. For me, this has been a difficult year of many losses and major changes. At times, I have found myself reeling from the challenges that have...
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Check Our Irene’s New Essay…

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Winning Hearts and Minds: Finding Common Ground in An Age of Extremes.
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In Memoriam: Jetsey Cat

In the early evening of Sunday March 20, 2016, Jetsey the cat left this world. She was 11 years old. For the last 6 years she suffered from a chronic pancreatic...
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Life Notes: Self or Selfie – Authentic Person or Confected Image

Wherever you go people are busy taking ‘selfie’ photo ops of themselves either alone or with others or set against a background that functions as a stage for action. For some,...
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Life Notes: Mindful Living

What does it mean to live mindfully? To live in a mindful way is to live with a devotion to awareness. Awareness of the world around you. Awareness of the world...
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Life Notes: What Now, Ken?

Ken Doll entered the world in 1961. He is 55 years old. He is physically perfect. He is a fashion plate. He is depicted doing something like 40 plus occupations. But who is he?
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Life Notes: Barbie – Gender – Liberating the Imagination

Barbie is 57 – and she is now dealing with multicultural and diversity challenges. A new line of Barbies will be available this Spring in a variety of body types –...
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Life Notes: Snowmeggeden January 2016

The Northeast just endured one humdinger of a snowstorm. The weather service named this whopper Jonas. Weird to give a name to a weather event, but that is the custom. Whatever...
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Life Notes: Jetsey, Wonder Cat’s Lessons in Resiliency

My cat, Jetsey, has many lessons to teach me about resilient living. For the past 6 years she has suffered from various intestinal problems. These illnesses are the direct result of...
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Life Notes: After the Holidays – 2016

Another holiday season passes. Time to begin anew. Time to check your credit card balances and say to yourself, “How did I spend so much?” Not to mention the challenge of...
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