Life Notes: Self or Selfie – Authentic Person or Confected Image

Life Notes: Self or Selfie – Authentic Person or Confected Image

Wherever you go people are busy taking ‘selfie’ photo ops of themselves either alone or with
others or set against a background that functions as a stage for action.
For some, the taking of these images has become a way of exhibiting their lives to others but
more importantly to themselves.

See me with friends, family, this tree, in this museum, in front of this building, etc.
The image is supposed to reveal the person but, in truth, all that is shown is a photo.
We know nothing of the person.

Sharing these ‘selfies’ shows only what you want us to see about your life.
You are not there rather, who is there is a confected image of yourself.

But what is a Self?
Your essential being,
Your identity
Your individuality
The place where you grow your life,
The repository of all your experiences.

The Self is not a confection- an image- it’s YOU in all your complexity.
As a culture, we are confusing self and selfie.
Not good!

Optimal Living happens when we live our Authentic Selves.
Resilient Living requires that we cultivate our Authenticity.
We are not cardboard images displayed on social media.
We are individuals who have lives filled with
Much more!

Live as a living breathing Self.
Not as a selfie!

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  • Right so many people are confected performing seals. They have lost track of having an authentic life and wouldn’t know one if it fell on them like a ton of bricks. Time to smell the flowers, breath the air and stop centering on the invented self that breaks the bank of the soul in favor of Prada or Barney’s or Clavin etc. etc. Just kick back with friends and be who you are real people will notice immediately. The other’s well Life’s a stage so play on and then your hour is over.

  • Debra DiCicco Reply

    It seems that for some people, nothing they do really happened unless they capture themselves on their cell phones and upload the selfies on Facebook. Instead of living their lives, they live a virtua reality.

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