Random Dispatches: Pandemic Times

Random Dispatches: Pandemic Times

I have been wanting to write for months but found focusing difficult – sorting out my thoughts and feelings impossible- easily distracted by anything – ideas fleeting by and ungraspable.

But something has changed for me- I am settling down – I am able to stop and look at myself and the world. Now, my thoughts arrive in random dispatches- signals from my unconscious screaming for attention. 

What are these messages about? 

COVID-19- the Pandemic – living in unpredictable times-

Everything we know turned upside down.

There is no normal,

There is no ‘new normal,’

There is a continuous series of ‘new normals.’

No solid ground 

Old habits of being do not apply 

Continuous change 

New habits cannot solidify

Liquid living 

We want something substantial 

Not possible.

The philosopher, William James wrote “Life is in the transitions.”

I wonder if he could have imagined a COVID-19 world?

Or for that matter Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote, “ Life is a series of Surprises.”?

Yes, life is change and always filled with surprises but Covid 19 is the sucker punch winner for creating a pandemic of changes and surprises.

Amidst this chaos, we must figure out a way to live

To find meaning each day

To take the risk of putting one foot in front of the other

To believe –

To have faith –

To hope –

For a light to guide us out of these dark times.

Such a light comes from all of us working together-

For we must adhere to the Biblical wisdom that proclaims 

“We are our brothers ( sisters) keeper”

And entreats us to

“Love Ye One Another.”

I.Javors c. September 26, 2020

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