Life Notes – Thanksgiving 2016

Life Notes – Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. For me, this has been a difficult year of many losses and major

changes. At times, I have found myself reeling from the challenges that have confronted me. I

have struggled to stay centered and carry on with the day.

As I approach this Thanksgiving season, I am focusing on how all these changes have fostered

my growth. I have come to appreciate the everyday- the ordinary aspects of life- taking a walk,

the smell of the falling leaves, the beauty of the autumn sky, reading, cooking and even

cleaning. I find myself slowing down and savoring every precious moment.

I have moments of darkness wherein I experience feelings of defeat and exhaustion. I accept

my feelings and recognize that even within the darkness there is a glimmer of light.

That light is the flame of gratitude- I am grateful to be alive – there is so much wonder in

this world!

Optimal Living is Living with an awareness of the mystery of creation! We have so

much to learn from all that comes onto our life’s path. What might seem awful today, 6

months from now turns into something fabulous.

We are challenged to remain open to life even when doing so hurts!

What hurts us expands our capacity to love and feel compassion.

We all have been wounded by life yet these wounds are gateways to heartfelt living.

On this Thanksgiving 2016, I am grateful for the gift of life, friends/family, my

companion animals and my expanding capacity for compassion and love.

Happy Thanksgiving – 2016!

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