Life Notes: A Contemplation On Photography, Writing and Optimal Living!

Life Notes: A Contemplation On Photography, Writing and Optimal Living!

In the last few weeks I have been looking at photos that I have taken
during the course of this year trying to figure out what to delete and what to keep.
For a microsecond, I had the impulse to delete the whole lot of them. At that instant,
I could not figure out what possessed me to take them.

This led me to thinking about my intention when I take a photo.
Is it to preserve a memory? Is it to capture a beautiful scene?
Is it to cherish a loved one? Or is it something I do when I want to distance
myself from an experience- to maintain the position of an observer of life?

At one time or another, probably all of the above. But what is it about taking photos
that is so satisfying? For me, it’s the immediacy of the experience – no delayed gratification.
Just focus, adjust the lens and shoot- TaDa! – a piece of life is now frozen in
time – preserved for as long as there is the Cloud.

I think that when I feel overwhelmed by change, taking a photo gives me an illusion
that there are things in life that do not change- they are forever or some such idea.
This gives me a sense of security – sort of – until I remember that the instant
has passed and will not come back.

As a writer, I am a conserver and preserver of time and memory as well.
I write about my experiences and my memories. But writing feels different
from taking photos- putting things into words feels less spontaneous and involves
taking time to sort and sift through thoughts. Taking photos is fast and matches
the pace of life. I do both but they serve my different needs- writing involves my
internal life more than photography.

I think that I need both – the immediacy of photography  and the introspection of writing.

Immediacy of experience and the wisdom of introspection are two major
components of optimal living – they are the essence of resilient living!

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