Life Notes: Jetsey, Wonder Cat’s Lessons in Resiliency

Life Notes: Jetsey, Wonder Cat’s Lessons in Resiliency

My cat, Jetsey, has many lessons to teach me about resilient living. For the past 6 years she has suffered from various intestinal problems. These illnesses are the direct result of her having lived on the streets where she had to eat whatever she could find. She weighed 5 pounds at the time of her rescue.

She survived despite the odds.

She continues to thrive.

Her formula for resilient living in as follows:

1. When she gets sick, she accepts what is happening and doesn’t act over it.

2. She knows when to rest and doesn’t push herself beyond her limits.

3. She lets her companion human help her

4. She understands her limits and doesn’t ‘push’ herself to go beyond what she is able to do.

5. She is patient.

6. She is optimistic. She greets each day and her companion person with a heads up.

7. She does what she can to help herself.

8. She is joyful- she toe spreads with happiness when you speak to her.

9. She doesn’t give up.

10. Most Important of All: She Maintains a Hopeful and Loving Attitude – She Believes in┬áLife.

We have much to learn from Jetsey. For this companion human, I am grateful to know Jetsey Wonder Cat!

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