Optimal Living – Re-Entry

Optimal Living – Re-Entry

What a 2 plus years we have lived through: Covid-19’s scourge – so many

 monumental challenges second by second, minute by minute,

hour by hour, day by day, month by month – you get the picture!

Despite all of this, the ‘elves’ at the Optimal Living writing workshop have 

been busy creating wonderful stories, poems, and essays that highlight narratives of

resilience, optimal living and ‘TRUE GRIT.’

Here are highlights:

1.  Kelpie’s Bells – written by Irene Javors with art by Matthew Snow – the story about a cat who is confronted by change and how she learns to adapt and thrive. Available on Bookbaby.com

2.   In The Twilight Hour – poems by Irene Javors and art work by Matthew Snow- a pilgrimage to ancient Neolithic sites throughout the British Isles that serve to help the writer integrate major losses. Available on Amazon.

3.   Genres of The Imagination: Essays on Jazz and Film Noir by David Beisel and Irene Javors – An interesting read for those who are familiar with jazz and film noir as well as for those who are open to an introduction to the subjects.  Available on Amazon.

4.  Seeing: Reflections on Loneliness and Solitude by Irene Javors. Prose essays for everyone. This is a limited edition – contact Optimal Living web site.

Also visit the section on this web site wherein there is a list of all writings.

Happy Spring! 

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