In Memoriam: Jetsey Cat

In Memoriam: Jetsey Cat

In the early evening of Sunday March 20, 2016, Jetsey the cat left this world. She was 11 years
old. For the last 6 years she suffered from a chronic pancreatic condition. Over this time,
episodic pancreatitis left her weakened and in need of lots of TLC. She was a trooper
through all these ordeals.

She had a fun loving disposition. Though shy, she managed to win the heart of anyone she met.
She was found on the street, half starved and wandering. A local veterinarian took her in and
cared for her. She came to us at the age of 9 months, or so, and immediately bonded with
Riggsie, who was still a kitten.

Jetsey loved to look out the window and dream of catching the birds who flew by. She caught a
mouse once and was beside herself with pride. She loved to be chased by Riggsie. Despite
squabbling with each other, they were inseparable.

Riggsie is grieving the loss of her friend. As are her human friends.
Jetsey’s energy filled the house with whimsy and a zest for living.
Now, she is at rest – no more pain or suffering.

At the time of this writing, I received a card sent by the veterinary facility
wherein Jetsey spent the last moments of her precious life. The card informed me that a tree
had been planted for her in Tahoe National Forest.

What a spectacular act of compassion and kindness!
Now, the world has a Jetsey Tree!
Our beloved companion’s soul lives wild and free.

A fitting memorial for a wonderful, resilient being who knew how to live optimally despite her

Brava, A life well lived!

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