Life Notes – ‘Tis The Season

Life Notes – ‘Tis The Season

Here we go – we have managed to get through Thanksgiving and all that food and family in one piece.
Now we are on to the ‘ real stuffing’ of the holiday season- SHOPPING! There’s ‘Black Friday,
‘Small Business Saturday,’ and ‘Cyber Monday.’ Whether we actually need anymore gadgets or clothing
or heaven help us food, we are encouraged to run with the herd and take part in the ‘Great Shopping Hunt.’

Scenes of hordes pushing through a store’s revolving doors have replaced visions of Rudolph
and his reindeer or sugar plumb fairies or anything remotely connected to this holiday season.
Our house of worship has turned into a department store- the place where we buy, buy and buy
our ticket to commercial Eden.

How many televisions, smartphones, toys, tablets, and video games do we really need? How
many suits, dresses, sneakers, shoes, and all other manner of accessories and clothing is a
necessity at this point?

Doesn’t matter whether we need anything or not, – what matters is that we think do.
How do we resist all this pressure to spend money we do not have for things that we really do
not need/ want?

Consider the true meanings of this holiday season: Gratitude, Generosity, Peace, Hope,
Good Will, New Beginnings!

Think about these values and how they can be applied to your life – not just for the month
between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Most of all challenge yourself to follow the ‘True Light Of Spirit’ and not the false light of
glamour that is sold to you by a consumerism gone crazy. Follow Your Heart and not the
sales pitch that puts you a trance state wherein you believe that if I just possess this
one thing I will be satisfied – you won’t be! There will always be one more thing
beckoning you.

What satisfies comes from our most precious Gifts Of All– the Gifts Of Joy AND

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