Seasonal Blessings and Thoughts for the New Year

Seasonal Blessings and Thoughts for the New Year

We are living in challenging times. So much is going on. How do we maintain balance?
How do we stay centered? How do we stay the course?
As we approach the end of 2019, I suggest that we greet the New Year with a commitment to
CULTIVATING RESILIENCE – the courage to face whatever comes with GRIT.

Here are my Seven Tips for Resilient Living:

1. Learn positive ways to calm yourself.
2. Stay Present, assess what’s happening , let go, and remain flexible.
3. Problem Solve – What do I need to do right now?
4. Develop Self- Reliance – Strategize Your Best Course of Action.
5, Maintain your sense of humor.
6. Cultivate Curiosity.Seize The Day- Live Each Moment with AN OPEN HEART!

Seasons Greetings and Wishing All A Most Blessed New Year!

Irene Javors

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