Life Notes: Welcome 2016!

Life Notes: Welcome 2016!

The New Year is here – a time of New Beginnings.
That’s the agreed upon myth.
But honestly, are we ready for a new beginning?
Or are we dragging the same old , same old with us into 2016?

We make all these resolutions that we rarely keep.
We feel terrible about ourselves for not doing what we say we will do.
So the New Year begins.

Let’s do differently this year.
No resolutions,
No promises that will not be kept.
Let’s greet this New Year as one of endless possibilities-
A blank canvas that will be filled with all manner of colors, images, and experiences.

We are open to life,
We are excited by the unknown,
We look forward to what life has to teach us.
We take life as it comes –
We are reasonably optimistic that we have or will get the skills to deal with whatever happens –
We trust that the universe will provide us with exactly what we need in any given moment.
We cherish the gift of life-
We are grateful,
We are inspired,
We are ready for new ideas,
New stories,
New friendships,
while simultaneously integrating all of this with our past.

We are the mystical synthesis of all we have lived through.
Yet, each New Year reminds us that we are still a Work In Progress!
We are still growing a self- an optimal self:
A Self that embraces life in all its complexity.
A Self that like the Eagle has the capacity to take flight!
Happy 2016 – Make this an Optimal Year!

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