Life Notes: My Spring Awakening

Life Notes: My Spring Awakening

Spring didn’t register with me
Too caught up with work and personal concerns
I forgot that the seasons had changed
I remained in the depths of winter.

Until a moment ago,
I became aware of the directness of the sun’s rays
The warmth,
The later hour of sunset
The ghost of winter disappearing in shadow.

As I walk through my neighborhood I see the earth waking up
The sound of birds morning and late afternoon heralding the beginning and end of the day.
I walk to discover Spring.

I find Her in full glory in a small baby tree- don’t know the proper name of the sapling.
She stands alone in full pink bloom,
Defiant – she says I got through this winter- the snow, ice, rain, and wind.
I am fierce.
I am filled with joy.
I take in her courage – her vulnerability.
She has awakened me to Spring- the promise of new life!

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