Life Notes – New York City Redux

Life Notes – New York City Redux

A rare December day – the sun is out, the sky is a brilliant blue and the temperature so mild that
there is a sweetness in the air. I am out and about savoring the benign weather and enjoying the
uniqueness of the moment.

The dramatic clarity of the light on this amazing Sunday has encouraged me to see the city
differently- the perpetual gray of the everyday world has now become a magical place of new
perspectives and amazing vistas.

This photo captures a view of lower Manhattan that is breathtaking in its conquest of time and
space- so vast is the vision of this metropolis- The bridge connecting the lives of so many
people from so many worlds – underscoring our interconnectedness. We are not singular atoms
bumping into other singular atoms – we are beings interrelated to other beings – all contributing
our energies to our thriving city.

In these times wherein there is so much focus on what divides us, we need to remember to
celebrate all that unites us in our humanity- love, peace, joy, freedom and the power of

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