Climate March September 20 2019- “And a Child Shall Lead Us.”

Climate March September 20 2019- “And a Child Shall Lead Us.”

Despite a bad back and aching knee I decided to join the
Climate March in NYC on September 20, 2019. As I exited
the train station at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan
I found myself in a sea of children ranging in age from
those in carriages accompanied by their parents to 8 year olds
and 12 year olds and then the real oldsters 18 year olds!
There were plenty of us older folks but this demonstration
was all about young people and their fear that planet earth
would not be around when they grew up.

As I marched with them and listened to their chants of
“save the planet,” “ the earth is on fire,” “ Resist Extinction,”
I thought to myself that the collective older generations have
failed their children and grandchildren- we have not listened
to the warnings of environmentalists and climatologists – we have
not challenged ourselves to take seriously the idea that we must
take care of the earth and not just keep exploiting her resources
to the point of depletion.

The Bible states in Isaiah 11:6 “a little child shall lead them.”
Before me, on the streets of NYC thousands upon thousands of children
were leading us – demanding us to insure a future for them. These children
marched with great courage and commitment to save not only our precious
earth but all the living beings who dwell here.

We are challenged to heed them,
We are challenged to support them,
We are challenged to take action,
Saving the planet is not a political football!

For those who are students of scripture, we are commanded to be stewards
of the earth and all its creatures- this means caring for life and not
destroying the gifts of this earth.

I am reminded of a passage in the New Testament: …
LUKE 18:15-17.
Let us not forget this – Let us engage in the Jewish idea of Tikkun Olam – through
acts of kindness a healing of the world.

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