Animal Rights March- September 2, 2017 – NYC

Animal Rights March- September 2, 2017 – NYC

I marched for the animals – for animal rights on Saturday September 2.
The March was very well attended – all concerned with condemning animal cruelty by the food industry,
the clothing world and animal experimentation.

I found the March deeply moving – a sign of compassion and kindness in a time when people
seem oblivious to the suffering of others. Here were hundreds of people protesting the
objectification of animals- protesting the making of sentient beings into things
rather then beings with emotions and the ability to experience pain.

Proverbs 12:10 reads “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast…”
The Bible instructs us to care for all ‘creatures great and small.’ We need to remember
that all life has purpose even if we cannot discern the meaning of that purpose.

St.Francis asks us to celebrate the diversity of creation by offering blessings
to the animals on his Feast Day, let us Liberate the animals from undo suffering by Marching for them!

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