Life Notes: The ‘New’ New Normal

Life Notes: The ‘New’ New Normal

On Friday November 13, 2015, horror erupted in Paris, France. Bombs and gunshots filled the air of the ‘City of Light’. Once again terror reigned over a great metropolis.

After 911, we were told that we were living in the ‘new normal’. Now, we are amidst a time of the ‘new’ new normal. Mayhem and death will find you while sitting in a bistro or attending a soccer game or concert. An average Friday night turns into chaos and bloodshed.

We are continuously challenged to maintain our equilibrium in a world gone mad. We are confronted with the unimaginable and called upon to be resilient in the face of hatred and murderous rage.

We are shaken and terrified by the magnitude of the challenge. Yet, we must find a way to stay the course. We must face the realities of this ‘new,new normal’ in order live. We must remember that we are connected to others and reach out to each other as members of a global community. We are all remaking our worlds in order to find ways to navigate through all the confusion and pain.

We must challenge ourselves to refrain from turning our sadness and fear into rage and hate. We must not become as those who have hurt us and repeat the endless cycle of revenge and its resultant brutality.

This does not mean that we do nothing. We must continue to live as best we can despite our fear. We must love, dance, shop, play, go to the theater, work, enjoy the beauty of the everyday and get on with our lives.

As the wise saying goes, it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.
Let’s bring as much light into the world as possible so that the universe becomes a very great city of light

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