Life Notes: After the Holidays – 2016

Life Notes: After the Holidays – 2016

Another holiday season passes.
Time to begin anew.
Time to check your credit card balances and say to yourself, “How did I spend so much?”
Not to mention the challenge of “How am I going to pay for all of this?”

You will.

So forget the drama – get on with the year.
Winter is finally here – cold winds – frigid temperatures.
We are entering that time when staying indoors is the sport of choice.
We make forays outside to get to work – shop – smell the freshness of the arctic air.

Some actually love the cold-snow-ice and find ways to play with these elements.
But even if you revel in slush, the warmth of home calls.
The dark of winter is a great time to engage our interior lives.

A time to explore our inner light.
A time to cultivate our inner landscape.
A time to plant seeds within our imagination.
These seeds will develop and grow.

In a span of a season, they will come forth
– a springtime of creative energy-
They will flower.

We will understand the importance of winter,
The need for a time of darkness.
Living optimally in the days of winter means living with a faith in the process of living.
Make use of the shortened days-

They teach us to Carpe Diem – Seize The Day!
There is nothing of greater value!
There is nothing more we need to do-
This is a key to a life worth living.

An integrated life,

A resilient life.

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