Life Notes: Curiosity

Life Notes: Curiosity

An essential component of optimal living is curiosity.
Curiosity stimulates our minds and opens us to doing new things.
Curiosity is what drives us to becoming lifelong learners-
Wanting to know more is at the heart of curiosity.
Whatever challenges that life sends us can be reframed as learning experiences when we
cultivate our curiosity muscle.

What turns off our curiosity?
Fear that we will look dumb,
Fear that people will laugh at us,
Fear that we will fail.
This fear keeps us stagnant,
This fear keeps us from imagining that our lives can be different.

As children we are filled with curiosity-
We ask lots of questions-

We drive adults crazy with our constant barrage of questions.
We need to find that curious child in ourselves –
The child that is in love with the wonders of the world-
In love with trees, flowers, animals, starfish, the ocean, fire engines – everything.
Curiosity brings us back to a time when all of life was experienced as something brand new.
A time when our days were filled with adventure and discovery.

We need to commit ourselves to a curiosity exercise program consisting of:

1. Learning something new everyday.

2. Asking questions.

3. Practicing laughter

4. Becoming mindful of those habits that keep as in a rut.

5. Really listening to others and expressing interest in another’s stories.

6. Looking at yourself or another with a different perspective.

7. Practice making mistakes and bouncing back from them with new knowledge about yourself and life.

8. Valuing your life experience as well as the life experience of others.

9. Do something different every day.

10. Notice the world by staying in the present.

By practicing these skills, you are committing yourself to living optimally – to living a life that
Is never boring and always filled with endless possibilities!

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  • Ryan Brenard Reply

    Fantastic website! Reading your words brings me back into the classroom that has been so influential and stimulating for me. My condolences regarding the loss of Jetsey. And I agree, curiosity exercises sound like wonderful group material and great for me to review periodically. Thanks!

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