Life Notes: Does Anyone Really Like Change?

Life Notes: Does Anyone Really Like Change?

Does anyone really like CHANGE?
Honestly, do we enjoy having our old friend, HABIT, done away with?
Try taking a shower at a different time
Brush your teeth with your opposite hand.
How does this all feel?
Weird- uncomfortable – something to avoid.

Just stick to the same old, same old
That will get you through the day, not to mention your life.
Not really, change is going to happen whether we want it to or not.
Nothing stays the same so we might as well get with the program.

Embrace impermanence-
Learn to live in the moment – it’s really all there is.
A series of moments linked together-
Like breathing in and out – only in and out zillions of times.
I am beginning to sound too zen-
Let’s get back to our rigid non- enlightened selves-
We really HATE change- even when it’s good stuff.
Upsets our internal ecology- we like to have our consciousness soothed by sameness.
Unfortunately too much habit leads to boredom-
Loss of meaning –
We need to rattle the cages of our anesthetized minds.
Time to WAKE UP from the Trance of Habit.

Change calls us to awareness.
Makes us appreciate what we have –
We gain different perspectives once we know that nothing stays the same –
We learn that life is vital and in constant motion.
We are in constant motion.
Learn to enjoy the ride.
Notice the passing scenery.

Embrace experience.
Learn when it’s time to let go-
To move on-
To ride the wave of time.
Change is growth – hurts to grow- but what is the alternative?
Stagnation- entropy- death.
Living is all about changing – changing is all about living.
Let’s get with the flow!

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